Overwatch Retribution Guide – Scenarios, How To Complete, Tips

The new Overwatch event is here and we could not be more excited. However, there is a ton of new content and a lengthy mission for you to complete. Do not fret though, as this Overwatch Retribution Guide is here to help you with the event!

Our Overwatch Retribution Guide will tell you how to complete all of the different things that you can do in the event. We will also tell you about the extra content that comes with the event and all the fun you can have.

Overwatch Retribution Event

The mission will last from Apr. 10 to Apr. 30, 2018. There will be a total of four different difficulty settings ranging from Normal to Legendary. As you would expect, the Legendary difficulty is by far the most difficult.

You can also get a total of seven new Legendary Skins. Those are Talon Doomfist, Scion Hanzo, Equalizer Lucio, Soldier: 24 Reaper, Blackwatch Moira, Talon Sombra, and Specimen 28 Winston. As you will know, there are certain scenarios that you need to complete the event. Let us go ahead and take a look at how to complete them.

Retribution Scenarios

We will start with the Breach Charge. Select your character and spawn in. Now place the charge on the door to breach it. You will need to deal with certain enemies that will spawn in waves.

Keep on killing the enemies until the breach charge is done. There will be a few Enforcer and Troopers dropping in from the ceiling and you need to fend them off together in order to survive.

Once you have breached the wall, you need to head on over to the Extraction Point. Take out enemies as you see them and head on over to the end of the road. When you see the sniper, have one person go to the bridge where she is and kill her.

Once again, continue to kill enemies as you move forward until you get to the small bridge with the dropship. For this case, it will be best to have Genji and Reaper deal with them up close. Once they are dead, go to the courtyard and face the boss known as Assassin.

In order to defeat Assassin, you need to watch it speed across the wall and get close to one of your allies. When he is close, flashbang him using McCree and damage him as much as you can. When the monster has been defeated, a few waves of enemies will come at you and you will need to kill them.

After that, another cutscene will come and you will have to face the ‘Heavy Assault’.

Just rush the monster and deal as much damage as possible in order to defeat it. Use Moira to heal allies and have Genji deflect the cannons. Once again, McCree should use the flashbang while Reaper keeps on shooting.

Repeat this process enough times in order to defeat the monsters and all of the minions that come after it.

Once you are done with the boss; move ahead and defeat all of the enemies until you see the other Assassin. Take him out before exiting the area. Here, you will need to stay alive until you are extracted. In order to do that, go to the high ground and set up your defense in the dining space of the restaurant.

Dropships and boats will be quite common here so you need to deal with them as quickly as possible. Try to damage them while they are still on the ship to make life easier for you. When the Heavy Assault spawns, utilize cover and your ultimate(s) to quickly take it out.

Use Moira for healing as much as you can. Once you have defeated the Heavy Assault and all of the other enemies, get into the dropship and you will have completed Retribution.

That is all we have for our Overwatch Retribution Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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