It: Chapter 2 Begins Production This Summer

Following a confirmation from last year, things are finally coming together for It: Chapter 2 to make headway in the coming months.

It: Chapter 2 was already confirmed when It (2017) smashed the box office to become the highest grossing R-rated horror movie in history. Following a brief break, the crew is finally coming together to begin with the next part of the project.

Speaking with IndieWire this week, producer Roy Lee confirmed that the script is currently being finalized but production should commence by July. He also revealed that while the search for additional filming locations is ongoing, the sequel will make its first stop in the beautiful city of Toronto, Canada, this summer.

The first installment only covered half of the critically acclaimed novel by Stephen King. The second installment will cover the rest, taking place 27 years after the children managed to seemingly defeat Pennywise, the Dancing Clown. The members of the “losers club” have now entered adulthood and found success in their lives after moving away from the fabled town. However, a phone call will bring them back to Derry to once again face their fears.

It: Chapter Two will see the return of director Andy Muschietti, producer Barbara Muschietti, and screenwriter Gary Dauberman from the first installment. The sequel is slated to open in theaters somewhere in 2019.

It (2017) was a stellar success for fans of horror and the author. The movie earned more than $700 million in the box office, as well as raving reviews from critics left and right. The remake of the eponymous original (1990) is the highest grossing movie adaptation from the vault of Stephen King to date. Not to mention that the movie also became the highest grossing R-rated horror movie in history, in addition to a number of other accolades.