God Of War: Another Stunning Tech Showcase For PlayStation 4

The review embargo for God Of War has been lifted and critics are loving the latest iteration of God Of War from its combat to story every critic just loves the game, however, the game is also a technical achievement on both base PS4 and PS4 Pro.

Digital Foundry got a chance to fully analyze the latest God Of War on a technical level and it is safe to say that the game is a technical achievement in terms of visuals and the level details.

While the game rarely misses a frame on base PS4 and in performance mode on PS4 Pro but, the resolution mode for the game on PS4 Pro does show signs for slow down during heavy scenes in the game.

This falls in line with the recent report that game’s 4K mode on PS4 Pro is not up to par. According to the report, while the 4K mode for God Of War on PS4 Pro does improves the image quality using checkerboard 4K rendering but, it fails to maintain a steady 30 FPS while in combat and exploration.

The increased resolution isn’t worth the frame rate trade-off. We tried the 4K mode during our review period, and found that the game sometimes failed to maintain its 30 fps target. The drops happened often enough — both in combat and in merely exploring the world — to make us want to switch to Performance mode.

Also, God Of War has become the highest rated PS4 exclusive. The game holds a score of 94 on Metacritic and has also become the highest rated PS4 exclusive of all time in the process.

Also, the game’s street date has already been broken in some regions to be aware of spoiler on the internet, however, this is nothing new as the street date for many high profile games have been broken in the past.

God Of War is a third-person action game developed by Sony Santa Monica and is scheduled to launch on April 20, 2018, exclusively for PlayStation 4.