Detroit: Become Human Has A Composer For Each Of Its Main Characters

In approximately a month and a half, Detroit: Become Human is releasing exclusively for PlayStation 4. Its emotional content is getting enhanced, according to an announcement made by Sony, with a soundtrack composed by 3 different composers.

The company revealed that, since you’ll be able to control three different characters in Detroit: Become Human, each of them should have their own soundtrack as they have a totally different background altogether. To do so, each of those soundtracks will be composed by a different composer to give each playable character his own unique taste.

Guillaume de Fondaumiere, Quantic Dream co-CEO says on PlayStation Blog:

In Detroit: Become Human, players will be able to control three very unique characters. Although Kara, Connor and Markus are all androids, they are of different makes and have a very different background and function in society. To emphasize these three very different stories, we decided to entrust the original soundtrack to three composers with the aim to create distinct musical colors fitting our main characters’ identities and to sustain their individual arc.

To stress Connor’s very cold and mechanical behavior, we chose a primarily electronic soundtrack. For Kara, we wanted a music that would be emotional and moving, underlining her quest for identity, love and empathy. For Markus, we needed a soundtrack that would be epic and represent the grand aspect of his journey.

Kara’s soundtrack is composed by Philip Sheppard, famous composer and cellist, whose instrumental music will fill the place with emotion and anticipation.

Connor, on the other hand, is the strictest of the playable androids which means a more “mechanical” theme would fit him just right. Thanks to Nima Fakhara, who worked on the movie The Signal, we can be sure that his soundtrack will be more than fitting.

Last but not least, Marcus is the most dynamic and rebellious of the playable characters so he ought to have his epic theme as well. Jonh Paesano is the man behind the orchestral compositions on Daredevil (Netflix) and The Maze Runner (Dir. Wes Ball) who is giving Marcus a musical voice.

Detroit: Become Human releases exclusively on PlayStation 4 on May 25th. Are you excited about its launch?

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