Bad NewsFortnite 50v50 Mode Has Been Delayed, Here What You Need to Know

After the recent patch, Fortnite has faced some issues and even suffered a database failure which caused the game to not be playable for 2 hours. Due to this unfortunate downtime and server issues, Epic Games have delayed 50 vs 50 mode until the next week.

Epic Games revealed this on Reddit by saying:

Heya folks,

You may have seen information or even a video about the 50v50 v2 Limited Time Mode going live today. Due to the account service issues we’ve been experiencing, and in order to preserve your play experience this weekend, we will be delaying it to next week.

We want you to be able to play Fortnite, and can’t wait to get this mode into your hands ASAP!

It has been revealed above that server issues were responsible for the delay and to keep the game live and running during this weekend they have delayed the 50vs50 mode.

50vs50 is coming for the second time, originally this game mode came earlier in the year which did not receive a good response from the players after which they removed it but now they are bringing it back in the new update and have some changes to it.

Below are the details about the new and improved 50vs50 mode which is coming soon

  • Two teams start with 50 in each one.
  • Profile stats won’t be recorded due to the large squads.
  • Each team will have their own bus and will start in the opposite directions on the map.
  • Your bus will have a blue outline and the enemy has red
  • Players will have 10 minutes to gather the loot, 5 minutes to fight and 5 minutes to survive as the storm shrinks to the end.
  •  Loot will be increased up to 75% and 15% increase in the floor loot.
  • Ammo spawn and chest spawn increased
  • This version is also here to fix an issue which caused more than 50 people to spawn at one time
  • The players who are down will lose health more quickly than the normal mode.

For more on Fortnite, stay-tuned!