Sea of Thieves Update 1.0.3 Rebalances Weapons and Has A Message for You

Yesterday, Rare performed a maintenance of Sea of Thieves servers and it is a new update of the game that arrived at the same time with patch 1.0.3. It was on this occasion that the Rare studio made a rebalancing of weapons.

Sea of Thieves update in details are as follows:

  • A message was added on the ship of the Damned with instructions to sink his own ship, and so do not come face to face with the opposing team on the pontoon of our own boat.
  • Weapon balancing: The power of the blunderbuss has been reduced and the spectacle rifle will do more damage.
  • Rare will continue to follow the weapons stats and make adjustments as needed
  • PC Enhancements: Rare increased the sensitivity of the default mouse to allow for more effective aiming and
  • parity with the controller. Eventually, players can choose the sensitivity. Rare has also added the ability to scroller in the player’s checklist.

Bug fixes Include

  • Activating non-directional audio chat no longer allows a non-crew member to be heard anywhere in the world of Sea of Thieves
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the player from getting a secondary weapon
  •  will now receive a message at least 30 minutes before the servers are shut down when needed

Performance improvements

  • A data center has been deployed in South America
  • Game crash fixes, both server-side, and player side

Sea Of Thieves developers are constantly updating the game with frequent patches which include bug fixes recently they even disabled achievements to focus on the improvement in the game which faced criticism from the players around the world.

Patch 1.0.3 is now available for both Windows 10 and Xbox One and the update size is 1.20 Gb.