Patent Lawsuit Against Nintendo, Microsoft, and EA Thrown Out the Door

A Patent lawsuit was filed against three top companies has been overruled by the Federal District Court.

A patent infringement suit was brought by Australia’s Richard J. Baker against Microsoft Corporation, Ubisoft, Nintendo, Electronic Arts, Harmonix Music systems and Majesco Entertainment; over a “personalized instructional aid” that he claims is his design.

The ’001 Patent reads, in claim 1 and as amended during prosecution:

capturing and storing initial visual image signals representative of a particular movement at a first location,

storing preferred image signals representative of a selected preferred movement at a second location remote from said first location in a data base of a computer,

transmitting said captured and stored visual image signals from said first location to said computer at said second location,

transmitting said regenerated signals from said computer at said remote second location to said first location and stored in image presentation means which permits viewing thereof with dialogue relating to said regenerated visual secondary image signals.

The patent refers to a device which controls motion and video capture similar to Microsoft’s Kinect. Baker brought this case to the district court back in June 2017 but the judge ruled against him. He later appealed to the Federal court is hopes of overruling the decision.

Baker is suing Microsoft Corporation, Ubisoft, Nintendo Of America, Electronic Arts, Harmonix Music systems and Majesco Entertainment.

According to Baker, these companies incorporated an image capture device that violated his patent. In the end, he lost the battle over technicalities and semantics, the court ruled that there weren’t any ‘literal infringement’ of Baker’s patent.

Ruling said:

We have considered Mr. Baker’s remaining arguments and find them unconvincing,

Source: GamesIndustry