Harebrained Schemes Releases Video About Battletech Story Basics

With Harebrained Schemes‘ upcoming strategy game Battletech coming closer and closer to release, the studio has put out a Battletech story basics trailer that gives more of a context into the sort of story that you’ll be working your way through when the game comes out on April 24, this month.

Battletech takes place in the eponymous universe, where humanity has expanded out across the stars and formed a variety of different space-nations. The game’s story will be taking place in one of these nations, the realm of the Aurigan Reach. The queen of the Aurigan Reach, Kamea Aarano, has been deposed in a violent coup by her uncle, and has now contracted you to assist her army in retaking her throne.

The Battletech story basics paint a picture of a world where nobility and knights still fight on the battlefield, using colossal combat mech suits instead of horses. Harebrained Schemes even described it as Game of Thrones meeting Pacific Rim in space, as it includes politicking, conflict between noble houses, and giant robots.

Players will be contracted to do the various missions that Kamea’s own army can’t, and between those missions will also be running jobs for various other noble houses in order to keep yourself funded. As the head of a mercenary company, players will have to keep their mechs repaired, hire pilots, and more in order to keep the company running.

Considering it’s been several years since we’ve gotten any sort of Battletech game, and even longer since we got an actual Battletech game with a story (MechWarrior Online was the last Battletech game we got but it was a free-to-play multiplayer skirmish game), hopefully this will be well worth the wait.

To see the Battletech story basics video for yourself, just look further up the article.