Everything You Need to Know About Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Progression Update

When we think of Star Wars: Battlefront 2, the things that come to mind are paid loot boxes and microtransactions. We are all well aware of the controversial launch of EA’s second installment in the Star Wars: Battlefront franchise on modern consoles. EA hastily removed microtransactions at launch in order to avoid fan backlash, which was already at its peak when they heard what EA was planning to do to their beloved franchise.

Recently, EA has launched a new patch for Star Wars: Battlefront 2, which has completely revamped the progression system in the game. Unlike the shameful criteria set at launch which forced players to spend hours to unlock the best gaming heroes if they do not pay real money, this time progression has been shifted to player skill and devotion to the game rather than spending real-world money.

Here we have curated a Star Wars: Battlefront 2’s New Progression Update Guide in which we have detailed everything that has come in the new update and how players can now progress in the game.

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Progression Update

Before we start with what is new in this update, we would like to tell you that all progress that you have made in the game and all the unlocks that you have done in the game are totally safe and will remain intact even after you have updated your game. This new criterion will only work for any future unlocks that you wish to achieve.

In this update patch, there are four major changes in the game’s Progression System. The first is that Star Cards can now only be earned through in-game progress and how well the player plays the game.

They have been removed from the micro-transaction side and now cannot be bought with real-world money. With this being said, anything that enhances player stats, progression or has an impact on how the player plays the game is no longer behind a paywall.

All these items have been linked to the in-game progression and skill of the player. When you play with a specific hero, class or ship, you will earn experience points for that specific hero, class or ship.

This will give you skill points when you have enough experience points and these skill points can be later used to purchase better Star Cards. These can also be assigned to unlock upgrades for the hero, class or the ship making them better.

The game still has microtransactions but it limits itself to cosmetic items only now. Meaning they will not influence the online performance of the player in any way and are for purely cosmetic uses. This makes it come at par with other shooters such as Fortnite and Overwatch where you can spend real-world currency to purchase cosmetic items but they do not affect the gameplay in any way.

Earning crates has also been modified in the new update. Now you can earn crates by logging in daily, completing timed challenges and milestones. You cannot purchase these crates now and they will no longer have Star Cards in them as well. You will only find cosmetic items or credits in games now.

New hero skins are also coming soon to the game but they will require in-game currency or crystals to purchase.

Although Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is not completely micro-transaction free with this update, we can assure you that after this update, in order to experience the best of the game, you do not need to spend a dime on crates now as it will all boil down to your skill and how much time you invest in the game. This is at least a try to take a step in the right direction and we can all appreciate it.

This concludes our Star Wars: Battlefront 2’s New Progression Update Guide. Let us know in the comments section below about you feel about the new update and the new progression system of Star Wars: Battlefront 2.