Blizzard Might Kill An Overwatch Hero In Future But It Will Still Be Playable

Overwatch is known for its online multiplayer with an amazing set of characters, however, the game doesn’t have a single-player or campaign mode at all. Overwatch consists of characters whose lore is developed through comic books, animated shorts and more and players are quite attached to many of these characters and now Blizzard has revealed that you might lose your Overwatch hero in future.

Heroes never die but it might be a different case in Overwatch, however, game director Jeff Kaplan says don’t worry about it. Meaning even if they do kill an Overwatch hero, it will have a life after death. Kaplan said about this

It wouldn’t mean a lot if we killed off a character at this point, because you didn’t know a lot about them.

We get in arguments about this all the time on the team.

Can we kill a character? If we kill a character, who would it be?” It’s possible, he said, but with one big caveat: If a character “dies” in the story, they’ll still be playable in the game. “We will not remove a hero from the roster,” Kaplan said. “No one has to worry about that.

So if Blizzard does decide about killing an Overwatch hero in the future we don’t have to worry about it as it won’t happen for a while.

If the character remains playable after its death we don’t think that it will impact the game. If Blizzard decides to remove any Overwatch hero completely from the game, it will become quite difficult for the studio to do it without heavy criticism.

Some players have even spend real money to buy loot boxes to get a particular skin for an Overwatch hero, removing a character will definitely set them off. But right now you don’t have to worry as Blizzard is in no mood for killing any Overwatch character.

Overwatch recently revealed new skins for the game and is available to play on Xbox, PS4, and PC.

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Source: Kotaku