AMD 7nm Vega Is Not A GPU Chip And Might Never Make It Into One

AMD fans hoped that 7nm Vega would allow the Vega graphics to compete with Nvidia’s offerings in terms of performance as the 14nm has failed to win against Nvidia GPUs when it comes to performance as 7nm chip would give Vega GPUs some room to improve, however, turns out 7nm Vega is not a GPU but is designed for machine learning.

According to AMD CEO Lisa Su, the 7nm Vega was always designed for machine learning in mind and this remains the main focus meaning the AMD 7nm Vega chip is an AI chip and not a GPU and might never be used for GPUs.

However, this was confirmed at AMD’s January technology gig and at the time it was considered that eventually, AMD would bring the 7nm Vega to GPUs, however, that is not the case as no GPU in the AMD’s roadmap suggests that it would be using the 7nm Vega chip.

With Nvidia designing its upcoming GPUs, the GTX 11 series GPUs, with its Real-time ray tracing tech in mind, the performance delta will increase significantly between Nvidia and AMD GPUs.

Furthermore, the next AMD GPU architecture is probably Navi which might not come out till 2019 and it featuring a 7nm GPU chip is still not confirmed.

However, with the team behind Zen micro-architecture working on Radeon GPUs we might be in for a surprise from AMD. Suzanne Plummer, CVP of the Radeon Technologies Group confirmed that AMD is using the process that went into the success of Ryzen CPUs to give its upcoming AMD Radeon GPUs a boost in performance.

Aside from using the same processes, the Radeon Group has also pulled some people from Zen micro-architecture team to work on its upcoming AMD Radeon GPUs

Speaking of Zen micro-architecture, AMD has confirmed that it is already working on Zen 5 Micro-Architecture. According to lead Zen architect Mike Clark, he is working on Zen 5 mico-architecture.

Source: Fudzilla