Hate Is A Small Word, Twitch Streamer Loses Fans After Playing Fortnite Duos With Jake Paul

There has been a lot of hate for the Twitch streamer “Summit1g” from his own community after playing a Fortnite duos match with one of the most controversial Youtuber, Jake Paul.

This previous weekend Jaryd aka “Summit1g” played a Fotntie match with Jake Paul, and his Twitch community was not much impressed by this collaboration.

Apparently, Jaryd collaborated to gain further popularity, it seems to be that it has backfired. Now he has resulted in a loss of his existing fans.

Jaryd aka Summit1g has been a victim of a lot of hate, never the less some may seem to suggest that he deserves it. As he was continuously referred to as a toxic player as well as “human trash” by some of his fans.

While most of his fans seem to have unsubbed him, from his Twitch channel altogether.

There have been multiple Tweets following the matches from the fans of Summit1g, expressing a lot of disappointment.

To which initially the Twitch Streamer showed no remorse, which only angered the community. Although during the stream he did address to his fans multiple times regarding their disappointed reaction, saying that those who do not accept his decisions are actually the members of “fake 1G squad”.

Which only intensified the situation. That being said, there only seems to be a lot of miscommunication between the Twitch Streamer Summit1g and his fans, which can be sorted out if addressed properly.

Be that as it may, for those who literally do not like, youtuber, Jake Paul, they will probably not be siding up with Summit1g anytime soon.

This is certainly not the first time nor this is the first user to face such hate on Twitch. Since Fortnite has been dominating Twitch Streaming platforms as well as youtube, there is a lot of mismanagement and disorientation among players and fans.

Hopefully, Summit1g’s fans will soon like the duo’s combination and this fan hate will blow over or perhaps they just might not and the intensity just might increase. Only time will tell.