Pokemon Go New Shinies Leaked By Dataminers and There Are Plenty Of Them

If you are unaware of what is going to happen in the world of Pokemon Go then you have to rely on random data-miners on Twitter and Reddit who go on telling you about what they have found in the new updates. Recently they have discovered some new shinies in the game, bringing great news for Pokemon Go trainers around the world.

This latest leak comes from a Twitter user named Leek Duck who has posted few screenshots showing off new Shiny Pokemon coming to the game. This information came from username Chrales, who is usually known for finding new materials for the Pokemon Go on Reddit.

A huge compilation of new shiny Pokemon can be seen in the tweet above showing some different colored and rare Pokemon that are apparently coming soon to the game. The leak is massive and has over 100 including the first and second generation of Pokemon Shiny variations for you all trainers to catch in the real world. The full list can be seen here.

Only a few Pokemon like Swabu, Bulbasaur, and some others had shiny sprites before which were introduced at special events. Data Miners like Chrales have been gathering information since the game came out and it tells us soon we will get a ton of new Shiny Pokemon in the game.

New shiny Pokemon to be added to the game includes Machamp, Sudowoodo, Umbreon, Arbok, Tauros and Many more. There has not been any confirmation regarding this leak from Niantic but there is Kanto region celebration according to Leek Duck on Twitter which will start today on April 10, so we have our hopes high to see these new shiny Pokemon to be discovered on this event.

In short, nothing is confirmed but according to the leak, there will be a Shiny version of the first 251 Pokemon in the game, as not confirmed we don’t know about when they will roll out the updates but we might have a chance to see them in the next one.