PlayStation Vita Update Firmware 3.68 Has Rolled Out

The PlayStation Vita Update Firmware 3.68 has been very recently rolled out so you can head on down to your console and download the firmware. Although the update has been made available, no details have been provided on the official website, regarding what it aims to add.

For all, we know it could very well just be a piracy prevention update. So most of the fans are very skeptical about the update and are waiting for the details regarding this PlayStation Vita Update.

We would also recommend you to wait a bit more until we have more information regarding this. That being said, the news came from the official Tweet post from Vita update bot that, Sony has pushed the new Vita Update Firmware 3.68 and its live for download.

So apparently only this much has been provided and it is no wonder that fans are skeptical about the update. Hopefully, we will soon be hearing more from Sony regarding this.

Furthermore, as soon as they update their information regarding this we will let you guys know.

With all that said, this handheld game console has been a successful successor to PlayStation Portable for over 6 years now.

Back in 2012, Sony has had a lot of faith in this console and they had been spending a lot on this consoles marketing ever since.

Only now it seems the console may be getting older, while that may be the case. Last year Sony did clarify that they have also had long-term future plans regarding this console.

Let’s hope that is the case. That being said, if you have downloaded the Update Firmware 3.68 and are using it then do let us know what you think of it? Are there any big changes or is it just a basic change. Let us know in the comments below.