PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Savage Map Guide – High Loot Areas, Vehicle Spawns, Best Locations, How To Play

Here we have curated this PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Savage Map Guide in which we will guide you on how you can play on this map and win.

The developers of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG are constantly working to improve the game and add new content and features for the players. We know that from its debut, PUBG has come a long way and is now one of the best shooters out there.

It offers a high level of competition and a fair bit of strategic gameplay to win. PUBG has really revolutionized the genre and seeing its success we now have many other AAA developers jumping on this bandwagon as well.

The newest map to come into testing was the Savage Map. It has been currently taken off after the initial testing phase but is bound to come back with improvements and bug fixes.

Since the map is new and it is huge just like the old map, it will take quite some time getting used to the map and find out all the best and the worst things about it.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Savage Map

If you are planning to get a Chicken Dinner on the new Savage map then you must know about the map very well. You should know about all different locations of the map, what kind of gear you could expect to find in these locations, vehicle spawn locations, and other details.

The map looks like a jungle and there are many trees to hide behind. Huge grass areas and bushes are spread out across the islands.

What sets this map apart from other maps is that it is not a single piece of land. It consists of three islands that are separated from each other by rivers. This means that you will have to move between these islands and there are plenty of bridges that you can use to access these islands.

There are also different other ways of accessing the islands depending on your location. This means that since most of the players will be using bridges to cross between bridges, most of the people will be using the bridges as their camp locations and take out any players they see trying to cross it.

Lucky for you, the bridges are not the only thing that allow you to cross the water bodies. Either you can swim in the water to cross or you can use different watercrafts and boats littered around in the rivers.

These will have their own challenges such as while in the water you will not be able to use a weapon and the vehicles make too much noise alerting everyone around you about your location.

Major Locations – Best Loot, Player Landing Ratio

There are many major locations in the Savage map but since this map is still in development, some of these have no furniture or textures now. We are expecting this map to be in much better shape when it comes out again.

Coming to the southern Island, it has five major locations. The first one is called Swamp Temple. This area is under development and you will see some structures with grey textures and no color or furniture inside them.

This area has a lot of loot so you can expect many fights here. If you manage to land on the roof of the temple, there are many holes from where you can jump inside the temple and take a quick kill on an unsuspecting enemy. This is one of the best loot spots of the Savage map so many people will be landing here.

Next major area on this island is the Commerce District, which is basically an area with many double storied houses. These houses have balconies and windows giving you many options to shoot from or be shot at. If you land here, expect many cross-house fights, as they are located close to each other.

If you move to the center of the island, you will come to the Logging Camp. This area is surrounded by hills so it can be a good nesting ground for a good sniper.

This area has very small amount of loot so do not expect major fights right at the start of the game however this could be an unforgiving location for late game fights. Moving further on, Bootcamp Charlie is yet another location full of buildings and structures with plenty of loot.

This location also has some watchtowers surrounding the camp but as of now, there is no way to enter them. However, there is a small tower on one side of the camp that gives a very good sniping view of the whole camp that you can use for now.

The beach resort is located on the southern end of this island. You will find some huts and watercrafts here with decent loot. However, do not expect to find much resistance here.

Joining the southern and the main island of the map is Rivertown. This location is divided by a river and has plenty of structures of varying sizes. There is also a decent amount of loot in this area. The windows of these structures provide excellent sniping location to take out anyone crossing the river.

In addition, you can expect gunfights across the bridge from houses specially sniper fights. You can consider this the most contested location of the map, as most of the players will be using this are to cross the islands.

On the main island of the game, if you head to the southernmost part of the island, you will find a giant ship in the docks with plenty of loot. You can enter the ship and it has many locations that you can explore for getting some loot.

Heading north of this dock will lead you to the Rice Farming Town, which is yet again a high landing zone. This location has many rice fields, buildings and hills on the sides making it a dangerous place for anyone who is not familiar with the area. It also has a decent amount of loot.

Heading to the center of the main island, you will come to Banyan Grove. This area has no buildings or cover and is just an open field with some debris lying around. You will find some weapons and ammunition lying in the field but do not expect to find a lot of loot here.

There is limited cover behind rocks and crates but the surrounding hills and trees can be a good sniping nest for anyone who is looking to snipe someone who wanders into this location.

Near this area, you will find the Bootcamp Bravo. Similar to the previous Bootcamp, it has watchtowers and buildings in the middle. There is plenty of loot here so expect major fights here. Head to the northeast side of this island and you will come to the Coconut Island.

This area is full of giant coconut trees. This is a very open area with coconut trees as cover and very few houses that have small amount of loot. Not much of a fight zone.

Head further north and you will arrive at the coastal area. You will find a few houses here with some vehicles. Avoid landing on the building roofs here as they are angled and you will fall down from them. It has a big warehouse, which has quite a decent amount of loot.

You will also find loot in the houses however this area is also not much of a fight zone and you will encounter very few enemies here. There is another logging camp near this coastal area but this is much bigger in size. You will find many logs scattered here so they will provide good cover. There is a good amount of loot here as well.

In the middle of the entire map, you will find the Training Center. This is a huge location with a lot of open areas, buildings and loot. Expect to meet many enemies here. Many players land in this location so expect a short match if you are not skilled at the game.

A little higher than the Training Camp and west of the Bootcamp Bravo, you will find the Abandoned Resort. Here you will find a big temple with other small buildings, a pool, and some gazebos around it. Loot is plenty here so expect to face different enemies here.

The smallest island is also the most ambushed islands of the entire map. Different bridges connect this island to the other two islands so the bridges are always a gamble to take.

You will have to survive ambushes to get to this island so you can say that bridges are not the safest way to get to this island. This island has a Manufacturing District comprising of large warehouses and other small buildings.

This area is also very big in size and has many good vantage point options that you can avail to your ease. Loot is also found in every building specially the warehouses so make sure you are always looking at your back to survive in this location.

The other major location on this island is the Bootcamp Alpha, which is similar to the other two Bootcamps of the map. If you want a good sniping nest for this Bootcamp, camp at the mountain overlooking the Bootcamp and no one will escape your eye.

Vehicles Spawn Locations

Savage has rivers and water bodies surrounding the islands so these locations are full of boats and jet skis. You will find these vehicles easily from a short distance of each other.

If you do not want to use the bridges to cross between the islands or want to reach a specific area quickly, these boats and jet skis will make it easier for you to travel around the island. However, keep this thing in mind that these will make noise and will make you easier to find by other players.

This concludes our PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Savage Map Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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