New God of War Video Details The Game’s Progression System

God of War has received its fair share of reveal trailers and videos detailing parts of its world and gameplay before its release in almost 10 days. In the latest of these videos, the game’s gameplay designer gives us more information about the character progression in God of War and how versatile playing as Kratos can be.

As lead Gameplay Designer Jason McDonald states in the aforementioned video, God of War is the studios biggest game ever and that shows by its extended progression system. You’ll be able to make Kratos even more powerful by upgrading his armor and weapon. This can be done by both its crafting system and dedicated skill tree to create your own versatile build.

If you want Kratos to be faster and quicker you can give him lower cooldowns on his attacks and if you prefer a more sturdy tank you can upgrade parries and blocks to maximize his survival odds. Either way, Kratos will be much more versatile than we’ve seen him before even if he now wields the Leviathan axe and not his famous blades.

The video didn’t reveal if more weapons can be acquired in the game, but if you have to play the whole game with just an axe it won’t feel like God of War right? However, the Leviathan will have plenty of upgrades to work on, giving it its own “life” during battle. Unlock new skills for it and your shield and watch fights become more and more exciting as the game progresses.

God of War releases in almost 10 days and it’s on its way to becoming this year’s game of the year. Its file size has already been revealed, set to 44.6Gb and its review embargo lifts in just two days so get ready to get to know if it’s worth buying or not.