Loot Box Controversy: Washington Governor Visits Bungie

Loot boxes and predatory microtransactions system used in Star Wars Battlefront 2 broke the camels back to the point where Govt felt the need to intervene. Bills and legislations are being proposed and in the midst of all this, the Governor of Washington has visited Destiny 2 developer Bungie.

It is a very interesting developing that took place less than a week ago. Nature of Governor Jay Inslee’s visit to Bungie is anyone’s guess right now but the timing for this unusual visit is raising eyebrows. Governor is a high ranking position and it is highly unusual for a person of such stature to visit a game studio out of the blue.

Jay Inslee posted about his visit on social media with the following caption:

The Eververse marketplace does employ an extent of predatory microtransactions and since this is a leading studio in the state, the Governor showing personal interest should come as a warning sign. This doesn’t mean that Jay Inslee walked in to threaten the studio, in fact, the visit seems pretty friendly and educational when we look at the pictures.

The trip should at least give the Governor an insight into game development which should bode well for the industry; most officials are uninformed and even ignorant about these matters.

But while educating them is good, the bad news for companies like EA an Activision is that the Govt is now taking interest in this industry so the time for proper self-regulation is going by quickly. On top of the loot box controversy, games are being blamed for mass shootings and brainwashing children. All of course without any proper evidence.

Only time will tell where this leads us.