Far Cry 2 And How It Holds Up 10 Years Later, Physics Better Than Far Cry 5

Ever played a game which just blew your mind because of how way-ahead of its time it was? I know, right? Let’s talk about a game which did that to me and many others, Far Cry 2. We are also going to compare it to Far Cry 5 in terms of physics, so read on.

The genius of Far Cry 2, Compared To Far Cry 5

It’s been a decade since the underrated and severely overlooked installment in the Far Cry series released. Far Cry 2, believe it or not, completely revamped the series in such good fashion. Be it regarding the graphics or just how the whole game actually played, it was something unique and refreshing at the time.

Not only that, it was also had one of the freshest settings in a game along with a thought-provoking story and themes that you could spend much time on. All of this was way ahead of its time just like what Crysis was back in 2007.

Celebrating 10 years of the game, the game has aged just fine as you can see many channels on YouTube comparing it to the latest installment, Far Cry 5. At first glance, it would be a ridiculous idea you’ll think. Why pit two games and compare their physics and graphics which are a generation apart. But watching the videos and noticing the differences, there’s actually nothing surprising or ridiculous about it.

As you can see from Crowbar’s video above, there are numerous differences ranging from environmental interactions all the way to how the guns sound. Obviously, the character models and animations in Far Cry 5 feel more polished, as they should otherwise Ubisoft had been wasting precious resources. But this isn’t to rule out the genius of the engine which Far Cry 2 was running on. Though both games share the same engines, the Duniya Engine, a modified version of the CryEngine, there are notable differences.

Fire effects work much better in Far Cry 2 where you can have a tree completely charred by a flame and its leaves burnt to ash. Moreover, fire even spreads depending on the type of surface and its ability to do so. However in Far Cry 5, that’s not the case since trees merely cloak themselves in the fire for a time and after the effects blow away, you can observe a tree that looks like it was never touched by fire in the first place.

Other differences, as highlighted in the video, show much more freedom when it comes to environmental destruction in Far Cry 2. You can shoot through sheds and it will result in bullets holes or dents in the shape of the metal unlike that in Far Cry 5. Moreover, as you progress in Far Cry 2, your vehicle will get dirtier over time unlike Far Cry 5.

God, the details in this game. Other notable differences include shooting at lights to put them out and add to the stealth option. Also, trees can be cut down via bullets in Far Cry 2.

All these details add an extra layer of immersion to Far Cry 2. It just makes the whole world feel much more ‘alive’. Theoretically, Far Cry 5 runs on a newer version of the Dunia Engine, but still lacks when it comes to the sheer tech power.

What’s the reason behind it, we’ll never know, but it sure does give us something to appreciate and recognize Far Cry 2 for what it really was, A game showcasing physics and dynamic systems that were at the apex of the time or even for years to come.