Battlefront 2’s Star Janina Gavankar Has A Triple-A Fatigue, Loves Independent Creators Instead

We all remember Janina Gavankar from various seasons, moves and games, but what we really remember her from is the Starwars Battlefront 2. Apparently, the star who played Iden Versio in Battlefront 2 does not seem to like Triple-A games but rather she prefers independently created ones.

At GamesBeat Summit in Mill Valley, California Janina Gavankar talked about how Triple-I games are better than AAA games.

That’s coming from a star of a Triple AAA game, according to Janina Gavankar, in the gaming world there is a continuous development in making VR and AR an interactive experience in any possible way, working in branching dialogues.

Adding to that, these things are really important, if we want to keep creating and keep on bridging the gaps between these mediums. On bridging those gaps she thinks that it will be the “Triple-I” developers who will bridge these gaps.

According to her, these Tripple-I developers are the future of the gaming that will bring new and better experiences. That is why she has her aim set for a more personalized gaming experience from these independent companies.

She further added that these smaller companies have more freedom and room to experiment, which opens new opportunities for new and improved discoveries.

So one thing is for sure, Gavankar has her heart set for independent creators and based on what she has to say about those Tripple AAA games, it seems like she won’t be changing her mind.

Janina Gavankar is working on her new secret project on which she did not lay away any detail, other than, it’s transmedia.

So, what we know now is that she has started her own independent work, in which she will be working on enhancing the VR and AR gaming experience and making it more interactive.

That being said it does seem like some of the major Triple-A developers are losing their grip in the gaming industry. Could it be that Gavankar is actually right?

What are your thoughts on Battlefront 2’s star Janina Gavankar views on Tripple AAA gaming and Tripple I gaming? Let us know in the comments below.