Xbox One X Enhancements For Sunset Overdrive Won’t Be Coming Out According To Insomniac

Xbox One X Enhancements are coming for a couple of games and developers are working on providing Xbox One X Enhancements for older titles but Insomniac has confirmed that Xbox One X Enhancements will not be coming for Sunset Overdrive. The developer said something similar last year but now it seems that it has been set in stone.

The game came out in 2014 and has been loved by the community. This is an Xbox exclusive title so you can imagine why the enhancements make sense. Community manager James Stevenson talked about the amount of resourced that the developer would have to dedicate to Sunset Overdrive in order to provide Xbox One X Enhancements. According to community manager James Stevenson:

“Realistically it’s not in the cards at this point”, the community manager James Stevenson said when asked about Xbox One X enhancements for Sunset Overdrive. “Our engine code is several years developed from Sunset Overdrive, and to re-open that project and try to piece it in there, on a new piece of hardware, plus all of the testing and resources going into it, isn’t something we’re able to do in-house. Right now everyone here is focused on Marvel’s Spider-Man.”

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is coming to Xbox in the next couple of days and it will be getting the Xbox One X Enhancements. With the new hardware, the graphics are very close to what you get on PC and you can check out more information here.

Insomniac is focusing on Spiderman for now which seems to be pretty cool from what we have seen so far. The creative director of the game also talked about a crossover with Kingdom Hearts and the following is what he had to say:

“It would be great, they have to start putting the worlds of Marvel in there (talking about Kingdom Hearts), they’ve added characters from Pixar, Star Wars, and why not Marvel? It would be great to have Sora dressed in Spiderman, it would be great”

Let us know what you think about Sunset Overdrive not getting Xbox One X Enhancements and whether or not you think the developer should invest the required resources in order to do so.w