The Crew 2 Behind The Wheel Episode One Talks About Technical Tests, The Journey and More

With the release date set for June 29, the fans of The Crew 2 are very much excited and to add to that excitement, the very first, The Crew 2 Behind The Wheel Episode has been released. The video has given out a lot of details about this upcoming game.

We have the community developer at Ivory Tower James Rees taking the lead followed by the creative director of the game, Stephane Fergus Beley who talks about the technical test project and the studio managing director Ahmed Boukhelifa.

Starting off, the creative director of The Crew 2 was very much excited about working with the gaming community, adding to that he talked about the technical test project, that it has been a very effective method in the development of the game.

In the technical test, they give work in progress versions of the game to the selected few members of the gaming community to test check it.

This helps them improve the gameplay in smallest of the details. Each test has a specific objective, and for that reason, the developers will be rolling out the beta for the community to participate in the test check.

You will be able to register at the official website of the game.

That being said, in the interview with the managing director of The Crew 2 details regarding the new studio, where the development has been taking place, were discussed.

So do give this video a view, and as soon as the new Behind The Wheel Episode rolls out we will let you guys know.