Fortnite Hidden Gnomes Guide – Find All Gnomes, Complete Week 7 Challenge

The 7th week Fortnite Challenge requires you to find Hidden Gnomes spread around the map. There is no need to find them all in a single game but finding them in multiple games will still be quite hard. No worries though, as our Fortnite Hidden Gnomes Guide is here to help.

Our Fortnite Hidden Gnomes Guide will tell you how to find the Hidden Gnomes and we will also tell you the exact locations of the gnomes in case you are lazy and do not even want to try to search for them.

Fortnite Hidden Gnomes

Remember that if you find a Hidden Gnome, you need to complete the match in order to keep it. Apart from that, the gnomes will usually be found in named locations such as the ‘Tilted Towers’ or ‘Pleasant Park’.

Whenever you are near a Hidden Gnome, you will hear a laughing sound which you need to follow to its source. The laugh will get louder and more consistent as you get nearer and nearer to the Hidden Gnome. Get it and then finish the match to have it count towards your Weekly Challenge.

Hidden Gnomes Locations

There are many gnomes that you can find, but you only need 7 for this challenge. Here is where you can find them all:

  • The hut in Lonely Lodge also has a gnome.
  • Tomato Town has a gnome near the kitchen.
  • A gnome is found inside of the red garage in Pleasant Park.
  • A gnome can be found in the cemetery of the Haunted Hills.
  • Junk Junction has a gnome in the sleeping area of the main building.
  • A gnome is found underneath the Shifty Shafts, hidden behind a pillar.
  • You can find a gnome in Retail Row in the electrical room towards the east.
  • The last gnome can be found behind a toilet in the Flush Factory. Look for a room with multiple colors.
  • In Salty Springs, go to the house which has a broken tree and then head to the bottom floor to find a gnome underneath the stairs.

It is best to remember that a lot of players will be trying to get the gnome and these areas will be even more populated than they are usually. Once you have the gnome, it is best to make an exit as fast as you can to survive the carnage.

That is all we have for our Fortnite Hidden Gnomes Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!