Anthem Devs Discuss Duplicate Supply Drops And Ray Tracing Tech

Brenon Holmes of BioWare has been quiet for a long time on his Reddit for weeks and months regarding Anthem until a few days ago when he replied out of nowhere and answered some interesting questions asked by fans.

In a thread, a fan asked by mentioning Mass Effect 3:

Mass Effect 3, Mass Effect Andromeda and Dragon Age:Inquisition multiplayer allowed Bioware to make changes server side for weapon and powers balancing and even enemy spawns. Will Anthems back end allow similar adjustments? Or will it requires more traditional patching?

In reply, Holmes didn’t give much of details but he said they are working on a various type of content that can be ”hotfixed” and further talked about that the people are more interested in ‘what’ vs ‘how’ before continuing how they want to handle it. He said

For sure, I think we still need to get a good handle on all the different ways that we want to communicate with you folks…

Personally, I really like how Riot handles some of their communication around gameplay changes – specifically Meddler’s “quick gameplay thoughts”.

It provides a lot of insight into what they’re thinking about and gives the fans an excellent opportunity to contribute to a focused discussion.

In another Reddit post, a user talked about having the evolving gear in the game to make it more meaningful for the player to which he replied by saying

Philosophically, we want all the items you get to have some kind of value. While we still can’t really speak too much to specifics quite yet (sorry!), I’d be interested in what other kinds of mechanics you guys find interesting from other games!

Then a fan suggested having something which Monster Hunter World did Holmes responded by saying

Yep, there was a bunch of Monster Hunter for a while… I’m not sure who is still playing at this point.

In a similar thread Homes was asked whether they will make use of the latest NVidia’s Ray Tracing tech to make improvements to the in-game lightings. To which he said

We had some discussions around this, but the amount of work to integrate is more than we can afford to do right now… especially as it would probably just be for very high-end PCs. ?

I’m not really a graphics guy, so I’m not really sure. Two generations from now would be like 10+ years though… which is a really long time when it comes to hardware.

So if not this, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some other super fancy technique in this space.

Anthem is expected to launch on Xbox, PS4, and PC next year.