Yakuza 6 Trouble Missions Guide – How To Start, Troublr App

Social Networking is everywhere including Yakuza 6. After a little bit of time playing the story, you will start to notice an app called ‘Troublr’ on your phone. You may be wondering what it is for or what it does and that is what this Yakuza 6 Trouble Missions Guide is going to answer.

Our Yakuza 6 Trouble Missions Guide will tell you all about the ‘Troublr’ app and the Trouble Missions that you can do. We will tell you what the missions are, how to do them, and what do you get for doing them.

Yakuza 6 Trouble Missions

The Troublr app will give you a fair amount of notifications for missions. These are smaller level missions which the Yakuza need not be bothered with.

You have to do these for people all around the two cities. Remember that doing these missions is not compulsory and you can decide to skip through them if you want. Let us go ahead and take a look at how to do Yakuza 6 Trouble Missions and what rewards might you get for completing them.

How to Start Trouble Missions

Trouble Missions appear as violet dots on your map. They start when you accept the missions using your phone.

Once you have done that, you can go and complete the objective which can be anything from beating someone down until they agree to do whatever it is you were tasked with or to delivering medicine to someone within a specific amount of time.

If you end up failing your mission, you will be offered the chance to do it again via a new message on your phone.

Remember that one of the most difficult of these missions is when you are tasked with finding a bomb in Kamurocho. It is on the second floor of the Millennium Tower.

As for your rewards, you will get a few experience points. In the majority of the cases, the work that you have to do will not match the reward so it is best if you do these missions only when you need a few more points for your next upgrade or if you are looking to build up a reserve of the experience points.

That is all we have for our Yakuza 6 Trouble Missions Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!