SNK 40th Anniversary Collection Announced For Nintendo Switch At PAX East 2018

Attendants at PAX East 2018 had the chance to experience a major announcement for Nintendo Switch. During panel taking place today, SNK 40th Anniversary Collection has been revealed for Nintendo Switch, along with a minimalistic collector’s edition.

The SNK 40th Anniversary Collection is a collection of at least 13 classic retro titles seen on consoles in the pre Neo-Geo era. The announcement revealed some of those titles, with more to come in the future as publisher NIS America stated:

Alpha Mission (arcade + home versions)
Athena (arcade + home versions)
Ikari Warriors (arcade + home versions)
Ikari III: The Rescue (arcade + home versions)
Guerrilla War (arcade + home versions)
P.O.W. (arcade + home versions)
Prehistoric Isle in 1930
Psycho Soldier
Street Smart
TNK III (arcade + home versions)
Victory Road (arcade + home versions)

Interestingly, we got some more information about the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection. As information indicates, the collection will include modern features to help you out like “rewind and save at any time” and “redesigned control schemes for a modern feel”m, upscaled 1080p graphics and optional cheats as NIS America informed attendants. The collection is being worked on by Digital Eclipse, the developers behind Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection.

In addition, a collector’s edition has been revealed for SNK 40th Anniversary Collection. It includes the retail copy of the game and what looks like an art book and soundtrack disc of it. This remains to be confirmed though so stay tuned for more information in the future.

Nintendo Switch has proven to be a console that respects retro games as much as indie titles, with more Neo Geo titles already being released as standalone purchases already on the console. If you are a lover of the past and want to relive your childhood memories then this one is a must-have. Latest Nintendo Switch announcements include the popular indie title Firewatch and survival Ark: Survival Evolved.