Rare’s Focus Set On Sea Of Thieves Gameplay Improvements And Changes, Matchmaking Being One

Sea Of Thieves is a perfect dream for pirates, which has been having a lot of success lately. Developers at Rare have been rolling out various updates that have brought multiple changes and improvements in the game overall. Although now their aim is set on Sea Of Thieves Gameplay Improvements and changes that will enhance the gaming experience.

As mentioned before the game has already seen some hefty updates which have been taking care of those server issues that have been occurring lately.

In the latest developer update, Rare has detailed some of the changes and improvements that they aim to bring in the game.

That said, among the many changes Rare aims to bring, is the matchmaking. Some big changes are coming our way in that aspect, like the crews shall be able to choose to go invite-only.

Which means no matching with strangers, on the flip side those hapless solo players won’t get thrown into the brig for matching into the game of other people.

Furthermore, matchmaking will soon be placing a high priority on bringing mic-using players together. The developers are also exploring the possibility of an option, which would let the players filter potential crewmates by language.

One of the biggest problems in the Sea Of Thieves is Spawn-killing and Rare has assured that they will be making sure players do not get locked into the battle with the same reincarnating enemy galleons.

Be that as it may, speaking about the cheating that has been taking place in the game, Rare has very clearly said that they shall not tolerate any cheater at any cost.

That said, more details on, Sea Of Thieves Gameplay Improvements And Changes will be given in a video that Rare plans to release next week.

So as soon as we hear more on that we will let you guys know.