DICE Shows Off Examples Of Frostbite Engine 3 Ray Tracing In Screenshots

In case you didn’t have an idea of just how good DICE’s Frostbite engine looked, the studio has decided to release a number of screenshots showing off some examples of how the Frostbite Engine 3 ray tracing looks. While it doesn’t look as good as recent tech demos, it’s still pretty.

And what’s more, the screenshots actually give us an idea of what we can probably expect in the next Battlefield game, whether it’s Battlefield 2 and takes place in World War 2, or Battlefield 5 going further into the modern era. Either way, hopefully this version of the Frostbite engine will make the game look amazing.

Frostbite Engine 3 ray tracing will at least be implemented in Nvidia RTX technology, which is going to be used in Metro Exodus. Considering that that game has often simply been cramped subway tunnel after cramped subway tunnel, and we’ll apparently finally be getting to go out into the wider world, that’s probably the best thing to be able to show off Exodus’s environments.

We’ll likely also get the Frostbite Engine 3 ray tracing in other Battlefield games too, but without a Battlefield game to work with right now (at least that we know of) it seems that Metro Exodus will be the only thing that we get to see it on.

The only places right now that we can see under the ray tracing are two locations, which DICE was kind enough to put into screenshots. The first looks like a science fiction environment, being a catwalk through some sort of ship corridor. The rest of the screenshots are from a computer model of DICE’s studio, showing off what the ray tracing would look like in an indoor environment.

To see what the Frostbite Engine 3 ray tracing looks like yourself, have a look at the screenshots that are on this page.