Riot Korea Banned All Of Cowsep’s League of Legends Accounts

Cowsep aka Joseph Osceola Hursey is a young American born in South Korea in 2012 and is an extremely popular League of Legends streamer not only in Korea, but all over the world. He also has two distinctive trademarks: a permanent cowherd, which he runs on streams, and Master Yi, which is perhaps the best player in the world.

Recently Korean server banned his all accounts after he continuously called them out about the Korean report system in the game which is non-existent in the game because everyone who plays on the Korean server reports that the game doesn’t have any way to report someone but they instead banned Cowsep to prove him wrong by showing that the system exists and anyone can get banned.

You can see in the video above all of his accounts got banned whichever he logged into, which is so weird and funny because people claim that the toxic people are still on the servers and they never get banned because of the report system not being available. Anyone rarely gets chat restricted for using Korean or English curse words.

We really hope that Riot KR learns a lesson from this and take reaction in future about these complaints rather than banning someone who supports the idea.