Online Gaming Could Be Stopped By Net Neutrality, Here Is What You Need To Know

Recent a video game industry lobby group has joined the lawsuit that aims to restore the net neutrality rules in the US, because they consider that the net neutrality repeal will harm multiplayer online games which require a strong internet connection.

The Entertainment Software Association has filed a motion to leave to interfere in this matter so they can support the case. The lawsuit of filed by Democratic state attorneys generals, a tech company like Mozilla and many more in order to reverse the Federal Communications Commission’s December vote to eliminate net neutrality and take control of the internet.

According to ESA Net neutrality protects online gaming which stops the internet providers from blocking and throttling slow internet and prevent paid deals ISPs to get better quality internet for a better experience to the users. Rules are not implemented yet until US Office of Management and  Budget approves some modified collection requirements.

The ESA in the court filing, lobbying group accuses FCC of allowing internet providers to

”take actions that could jeopardize the fast, reliable, and low latency connections that are critical to video game industry”

The FCC’s Order eliminates the rules that prevent broadband providers from blocking, throttling, and otherwise interfering with consumers’ access to content online. Absent these protections, ESA and its member companies will have no effective legal recourse against broadband provider conduct that impairs consumers’ online video game experiences. In particular, broadband providers are now permitted to engage in practices that degrade consumers’ traffic. That, in turn, could have significant consequences for the enjoyment of multiplayer online games and cloud-based game play services, both of which require low-latency connections to support rapid and continuous interactivity.

ESA has mentioned that music and movie streaming providers can use buffering for network problems unlike video games, ”games cannot be buffered to compensate for problems with internet connection”.

Net neutrality will also affect large game downloads and quality of consumer traffic which ESA is worried about. ESA includes big players in the gaming industry like Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Bethesda, Capcom, EA, Epic Games, Konami, Nvidia, Ubisoft and more.

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