Get A Collectible Green Rupee Lamp With Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition Pre-Order

If you were hoping for Nintendo to give you a good reason to choose Hyrule Warriors instead of grabbing Fire Emblem Warriors on Nintendo Switch, then they just might have given it to you. If you pre-purchase Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition you’ll get a beautiful collectible green Rupee lamp to add to your collection as well.

Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition is an action platformer title, much like Fire Emblem Warriors on Nintendo Switch but with Legend of Zelda characters. You can play as different versions of Link, Zelda, Gannon, and others to fight against hordes of minion-soldiers. Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition includes 29 different playable characters, with Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild ones being added as well. Its description reads:

This Definitive Edition brings all the content from both the Wii U and 3DS versions in one convenient package, including maps, characters, missions and all original downloadable content. Also, keep an eye out for new outfits based on the franchise’s most successful venture to date; The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild!

The green Rupee lamp is available on Nintendo Store as an exclusive offer by pre-ordering the game, however, you may find it at some online retailers as well. Make sure to check the availability though as stocks have already run low. The Green Rupee lamp is available either alongside a copy of the game for £49.99 or as a standalone item if you prefer for £11.99, from the Official Nintendo UK Store.

Technically, It measures approximately 10cm from base to tip (approx. 4″) and Nintendo Store describes the lamp as “a perfect addition to any fan’s bedroom”. Even if you use it as a collectible figurine on your self it is definitely worth its price.

Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition releases for Nintendo Switch on May 18th, 2018 being the second Warriors title to be launched on the console after Fire Emblem Warriors. If you are a Zelda fan and can’t wait until the next original game to be released then this is a title worth giving a try.