Firewatch Nintendo Switch Edition Announced, It Is Coming “Soon”

One of our favorite indie games, Campo Santo’s Firewatch is officially coming to Nintendo Switch. If you haven’t had the chance to experience the game on PC, Playstation 4 or Xbox One then you shouldn’t let it slip away this time. According to developers, Firewatch Nintendo Switch Edition is coming “soon”.

Firewatch is one of those games that we wanted to see during one of Nintendo’s Nindies showcases. While we got no word about its release on the console for almost 2 years now, Campo Santo has broken the silence and announced Firewatch Nintendo Switch Edition. The related post on the studio’s website reads:

When will it be out? All we can say is “soon!” Reengineering the sprawling meadows and towering trees of Firewatch’s wilderness to play perfectly on new hardware is no small engineering task. We’ve been hard at work stripping much of Firewatch’s tech down to the studs and rebuilding it to render the world more quickly, to stream and load faster, and to generally be more responsive. Nearly everyone in the Campo Santo office has a Nintendo Switch (and the rest want one). We know what a good Switch game feels like, and want to make sure Firewatch feels like one too.

Interestingly, Firewatch’s release on Nintendo Switch will bring changes on the other platforms as well. Campo Santo revealed that all optimizations for the Switch have been made with the future of the game in mind. After some time you’ll see updates on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC as well, making the game even more accessible than it was. Campo Santo’s post reads:

And for our other players, take note: The optimizations we’re doing to Firewatch aren’t just for Switch. They’re for Firewatch’s future as well. For the many people out there who haven’t played Firewatch yet, as well as the millions of existing fans who may go back and revisit the game some day, we want the experience to be as good as it can be.

While we got no word as to when Firewatch Nintendo Switch Edition will release, the developer’s “soon” estimation and the fact that they’re already headed towards optimizing the game on other platforms lets us think that we might see it before or during summer. Are you excited?

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