Reboot Develop Speakers Revealed

Reboot Develop has finally revealed the speakers it’s 2018 show which includes Paradox Interactive’s Fred Wester , IGDA head Jen Mclean, and house marque’s Ilari Kuittinen to the show.

Other new speakers for e Dubrovnik-based conference include Fuomena CEO Robina Hunicke Splash damage CEO Paul Wedgewood, and Funcom CEO Rui Manuel Monteiro Casais. You can see the full list of final speakers here on the Reboot website.

Reboot Develop is Europe’s answer to the Game developers conference. Which is blocking its older siblings each year Reboot Develop is coming closer to bring unique get together of industry veterans and newcomers. Reboot is a home to over 100 lectures, contains several swimming pools with a nice view.

Reboot is one of the best-organized game developer conferenced ever according to Tim Cain. You might feel a bit frustrated as it is already sold out but the event heads have something else in the store to make you rejoice.

Without a doubt, Reboot is reaching very fast to a point when it can easily claim itself one of the best and high-end gaming conferences in Europe and by the way it has already been sold out it tells that it is in progress to do it. Over 1.500 people will be attending Reboot Conference from about roughly 600 international companies will be present for 2018’s event. If you are still looking forward to getting into the action and attend the conference, You still can until 14 April 2018.

If you are really interested you can go over here to the last minute tickets for the conference here.  The most high-end games industry and game developers conference will take place in Europe from 19th to 21st April 2018 at, Dubrovnik, Croatia.