The Division Battle Royale, Massive Rumored To Be Working On

It seems like the gaming community has already assumed that pretty much every game will move towards the battle royale mode. Similar is a rumor that suggests, The Division Battle Royale.

The undeniable success of the PlayerUnknown’s Battleground and Fortnite has actually shaped the gaming industry for the better. The Battle Royale is one of the most anticipated genres in the gaming industry.

That said, multiple reports have been piling up for quite some time now, that The Division Battle Royale version is being prepared.

Although this is a strictly a rumor and there has not been any evidence to support it, most of the fans are under the impression that Battle Royale version for the game is not an impossible thing.

We came to know about this rumor through “Gamereactor“, who cited that Massive are working on The Division Battle Royale mode.

For now, we would recommend you to hold your horses, because the rumor comes from an anonymous source. That said, the rumor claims, that Ubisoft had commissioned the studio to look into the game type. This happened back in January.

Massive then reported back, saying that they just might be cooking something really fun. Don’t know what their idea of fun might be but if it’s not a battle royale then surely they don’t know what fun is.

At the moment, we are limited to the rumor, these days most of the rumors disappear into thin air. Be that as it may, the Battle Royale related rumors do tend to stick around.

You guys must have already heard about Dying Light? that too is getting a battle royale mode. The news has been confirmed, so it does point out that if Dying Light can get a battle royale version, then so can The Division.

Fingers are crossed but hopes are high. Let us see what the developers have to say.