Rockstar North’s Gender Pay Gap Is Prety Huge, Leaves Behind Jagex, Bandai Namco, and EA

The much loved and very much popular developers Rockstar North have recently published a gender pay gap data and the gap is pretty large. Rockstar North’s Gender Pay Gap has left behind some of the major companies, which is not a good sign.

You may remember them from their biggest title GTA 5, well turns out your much-loved developers don’t have love when it comes to the gender equality, especially with the salaries.

Apparently, a new government legislation has made compulsory for the companies in the UK, who have more than 250 staff members to publish their annual gender pay data.

Considering the deadline submission was last night, we were able to check out the figures and they are pretty bad. It turns out among other developers like EA, Bandai Namco, Jagex, Rockstar North’s Gender Pay Gap is pretty large.

The numbers are pretty grim. Still based on what we can contemplate is that about 69% of the large UK game firms have a huge gender pay gap compared to the national average of 18.4%.

Some of the companies that have the pay gap above the average are; Sumo Digital with 33.7%, Warner Bros with 30.9%, Codemasters 22.2%, Jagex 21.7%, Traveller’s Tales 20.9%, and Creative Assembly 20.3%.

That being said, the worst offender is one of the most popular companies, Rockstar North. Turns out their female staff is paid a mean of 64% less than their male coworkers.

On top of that, the mean bonus pay is 84% lower than men’s. Be that as it may, in the report published alongside the figures, Rockstar North said that they are very much dedicated on continuing to build a representative gender equality across all the owned studios.

Furthermore, they have pledged to continuously find new ways to support and encourage women to take full participation without any hesitation.

Maybe they stand up to their pledge but fingers are crossed on this company, as in the past other than this there have been multiple lawsuits on various issues. So the reputation of the company precedes it.