Minecraft Bedrock Edition Update 1.2.13 Released, New Features, Bug Fixes And More

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Update 1.2.13 has been released and it has brought in a lot of new features, changes, bug fixes, experimental gameplay and some additional add-ons which contain resource and behavior packs.

This new Minecraft Bedrock Edition Update was released on April 3. The patch notes of the Update 1.2.13 are also available on the official website of the game. That too has been made available for you.

This new update adds updated aquatic features through the experimental gameplay, also creates automatic realm backups, alongside some other minor perks.

Be that as it may, some of the major new features they have included in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition Update are as follows.

New Features:

Realms now create automatic backups that can be downloaded and restored.

Added two options to swap A/B buttons and X/Y buttons on controllers, which can be found in controller settings.

Added menu screen transitions, which can be toggled in settings.

Some of the changes that have also been included:

Many screens and actions now respond when a button is pressed instead of released so they now feel extra responsive.

Palleted chunks. This means we can now have (almost) infinite different types of blocks (and also no more BlockIDs). It also means the game should be less likely to crash due to being out of memory.

Falling on hay bales now reduces fall damage.

Owned skin packs will now appear at the top of the skin picker.

Purchased content will now auto-update, which can be toggled in profile settings.

Realms member lists can now be cleared from the members’ screen.

Updated look for the marketplace and search functionality to easily find specific content.

Regarding the experimental gameplay, some features are not complete and are not the true representation of the final game.

You can toggle the experimental gameplay in the world settings menu. Also, something to remember is that once you have enabled the experimental gameplay for a world, you will not be able to disable it.

Adding to that if you wish to take a look at Minecraft console commands and cheats guide, then we have that available for you.