First Far Cry 5 Live Event Is Live Now, Rewards You With Skins

Far Cry 5 has just received its first live event, which will be limited time complimentary challenges for all players. The first Far Cry 5  live event is called “Well Done” and its objective is phenomenically easy, you just have to kill 20 animals with fire. Beware though cause molotovs and flamethrowers won’t do the trick, you have to be more creative to complete this task.

From today until April 10th you’ll be able to complete the “Well Done” live event which tasks you with killing 20 animals with fire. You can do it with fire arrows or any other way you see fit except using molotovs or the flamethrower, which would obviously be too easy. After you have completed the live event task you’ll be rewarded with a flamethrower skin for your personal performance and a Flamebearer outfit for the overall community performance. Luckily, the community goal has already been reached so you just need to log in and claim your reward.

Seeing it at first you might be thinking why on earth would you be tasked to set animals on fire but actually that’s a theme that its Far Cry 5. As unorthodox as it might seem, the task is pretty easy and can be completed in roughly 10 minutes while gives you another reason to explore Hope County.

Far Cry 5 got released this past Tuesday in the first quarter of the year, still, after facing criticism and controversy, Far Cry 5 has got a record-breaking success and is the top selling game at least in UK. Far Cry is now officially the fastest selling game in the history of the Far Cry series making it the biggest launch in the franchise history.

Have you completed this week’s Far Cry 5 Live Event, “Well Done”? What ways did you use to complete it except flame arrows?

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