Bioware’s Aaron Flynn Talks About the Good Side of EA

Bioware was once one of the most loved game studios but that was before it was acquired by EA. Since then, the quality of its games has gone downhill, significantly. The release of Mass Effect Andromeda, a mediocre Dragon Age Inquisition, and now Anthem reportedly facing development issues, all hope seems lost for BioWare and fans blame EA.

But is it really EA’s fault? Well, according to Aaron Flynn, EA is not really the company everyone thinks it is. The developers are given creative freedom but he did mention that EA has an ambitious business model. In an interview with Kotaku, Aaron Flynn talked about life under EA:

When you join EA, and you get to be part of that, all of a sudden you’re connected with all of these folks who have this perspective that’s similar to you, they kinda grew up doing the same things, they have their own war stories, they have their own all that. But then they can bring perspective you don’t have. And it feels like, wow, I can just get on a flight and I can fly to Stockholm and spend time at this amazing studio there, or I could go to Guilford UK, and spend some time [there], that’s amazing. And it does take some time to get your head around that. You do have to shift your midset to be, we’re all part of one big unit now. And that should be a good thing, right?

So yeah, I think the best part of it is the empowering part of it. And you know, like they said in Dead Poet’s Society, I told you to drink from the marrow of life, not choke on the bone. Certainly it’s fair to say that you have to manage that and still stay true to what you want to do, and stay true to your own culture. Not just see what other studios are doing and say, well, we should do that there! Maybe you should, maybe you shouldn’t, there should be a more fulsome conversation about that, really get your head around what that means for yourself.

It is to be noted that Flynn is still a BioWare employee so he cannot speak ill for EA. From the consumer’s point of view, EA is a predatory company that prey’s on the consumer.