A Way Out Endings Guide – Leo’s Ending, Vincent’s Ending, How To Unlock

Games like A Way Out usually have multiple endings due to the different choices that the people make. Figuring out how to get all of them can be quite time-consuming though, and there is a much easier way to get all of the endings of the game if you just follow our A Way Out Endings Guide.

Our A Way Out Endings Guide will tell you how to get all of the available endings in A Way Out. Not only will we tell you what the ending actually is, but we will also tell you what is it that You Have to Do in order to unlock the ending for yourself.

A Way Out Endings

The only chapter which has an impact on the ending of the game is the final one known as Conflict.

A huge let down for players of the game will be the fact that there are only two different endings in A Way Out. No one so far has been able to actually figure out a Secret Ending to the game, which leads us to believe that it does not exist. Let us go ahead and take a look at both of the endings in A Way Out.

Leo’s Ending
Towards the end of the final chapter, if Leo manages to grab the gun at the end and shoots Vince with the final bullet, Vince will ask Leo to pass along a note to Carol. Leo leaves the note at Carol’s doorstep and manages to get his freedom.

Vincent’s Ending
If Vincent manages to shoot Leo, you will get a cutscene where you will see Vincent holding Leo’s hand. After that, Vincent will inform Linda and Alex of the death of Leo.

That is all we have for our A Way Out Endings Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!