Win This Awesome “Thanos T-Shirt” From Angel Jackets – Avengers: Infinity War Giveaway (Ended)

The giveaway has ended and “Jim Hayes” is the randomly chosen winner. Congratulations. Kindly message me here so that we can send you your prize as soon as possible.

The highly awaited culmination of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will finally come to fruition when Avengers: Infinity War officially releases in theaters worldwide in exactly thirty days from now.

Thanos and his invasion plans to obtain the Infinity Stones have been in the making for nearly a decade. While “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” will assemble to form the last line of defense against complete annihilation, one can only imagine what the Mad Titan will do after he manages to fully power his Infinity Gauntlet.

Avengers: Infinity War is undoubtedly going to be an amazing experience and we here at SegmentNext want to make sure that one lucky user is dressed in the appropriate attire when they head out to theaters next month.

For that purpose, we are giving away an awesome monochrome, half-sleeved “Thanos T-Shirt” straight from the fancy Avengers: Infinity War clothing lineup at Angel Jackets.

“This Thanos t-shirt is the best gift you could give either to your loved one or yourself,” an accompanying description reads. “Thanos t-shirt comes with quality graphics and non-shrinking material. It feels great and looks incredible, what else do you want?”

The participation method
You just need to answer the following question in the comments below — Which character is going to perish in Avengers: Infinity War?

The terms and conditions
The giveaway will last for three weeks and conclude on April 17, 2018. Those interested in the freebie should make sure to return then for the results. Finally, take note that the giveaway is only for the United States.

Good luck!