This War of Mine Writer On Twitch And Youtube’s Advertising Power, Game Free On Steam For Limited Time

Making a video game is no easy task and getting people to like it is not either. This War of Mine writer Kacper Kwiatkowski thinks that a huge way of promoting a title is on Youtube and Twitch and has even proposed studios to experiment advertising their games solely on these platforms.

This statement can be found on Gamasutra, where  This War of Mine writer Kacper Kwiatkowski has made a blog post on the things he learned from designing the game. This War of Mine has recently hit 2.5 million copies sold on Steam and it’s currently free to play on the platform.

In the post, Kwiatkowski stated, among others, that seeing the reactions of players when they fail to finish it is a big part of its success. He gave a personal experience on the matter, during a live stream where the streamer had an unfortunate outcome. He stated:

I was watching Indie (Dan Long, streaming a preview version of the game on Twitch. The playthrough was fairly typical, giving Indie enough space to joke around with his audience. Until things got bad. A character died, then another, ultimately leaving the remaining member – Bruno – of the group lonely and broken. The game ended when Bruno committed suicide. Seeing Indie’s reaction I realized that his failure was the most interesting thing in this playthrough.

This gives us a first look as to why seeing the game in action is way more important than any advertising campaign. Doing it with a game like This War of Mine is even more successful since it won’t ruin gameplay for you in any way and won’t spoil the story.

This game in particular, along with games like FTL Faster Than Light and Darkest Dungeon have a huge impact on your emotions which creates much more excitement when shown in action. Given this, Kwiatkowski has tried to get studios to see this as a potential way of advertising a game proposing them to give this a try:

So I’d like to propose a bold experiment, which I may also try one day. Let’s design a game having YouTube and Twitch in mind from the very beginning. If this way of promotion is indeed so powerful, trying to adapt may be a good idea. So let’s create a game that gives the YouTubers and streamers something worthy of SHOWING, but also has something for the rest, worthy of PLAYING.

If you haven’t tried This War of Mine you should head on to Steam and download it for free while it’s available. After you do this, go get a look at Frostpunk, 11 bit Studios upcoming survival strategy game releasing on April 24th.