Overwatch Story Events Will Now Be “Overwatch Archives”, New One Coming Soon

The Overwatch Story Events that have given us things like the Uprising player-vs-environment mode in King’s Row have apparently been renamed by Blizzard into the Overwatch Archives, and will apparently allow Overwatch players to go into other major events in the organization’s history, with one called “Retribution” apparently coming soon.

The original Overwatch Archive event took place during the King’s Row Uprising, when an Omnic terrorist group attacked the city of London and Overwatch went in against orders to help save the city. While it first appeared early last year, Blizzard recently announced that it would be coming again, and with the Overwatch Story Events being changed, now we know why.

From what we can tell from a little Blizzard teaser, Retribution will be focusing on some sort of incident that happened in Oslo, in Norway. An Overwatch facility was attacked, though Jack Morrison, known to most players as Soldier 76, isn’t naming any suspects yet. Whether it might be Overwatch’s black-ops unit Blackwatch (of which Reaper, McCree, and Genji were all a part) or Talon, or even more Omnics, remains to be seen.

We’ll likely be finding out on April 10, though at the moment we haven’t gotten any other information other than the original news article.

Overwatch has often put up fake news articles to give players lore in the story, such as when we found out about the return of Doomfist through a series of news articles that took place in Numbani, where Doomfist’s gauntlet was stolen. The events shown in the news gave us two new heroes, the robot Orisa, and Doomfist himself.

Either way, we’ll see what other Overwatch story events will be coming in the future, and what new insights into Overwatch’s somewhat mysterious past we can find out, especially since the Overwatch Archives are intended to let us get looks back into Overwatch’s time as protectors of the world.