New Assassin’s Creed Origins Feature Will Allow You To Tweak 75 Parameters On PC

Ubisoft has something that the PC players will certainly love. A New Assassin’s Creed Origins feature is on its way, that will let you change almost everything.

From movement speed to damage values, the Animus control panel will enable the user to adjust up to 75 parameters across 11 different categories.

Yes, that is correct, although Ubisoft did not bestow us with further details, still looking at their tiny screenshot what we can gather is that the players will be able to change and alter a lot of stuff.

That includes character model, speed, active abilities, NPC hitboxes, detection ability, and plenty more stuff. Plus you can also bring along extra tamed animals.

There shall be three pre-created presets, you can see the God mode in the screenshot, the player made preset and the basic preset.

This feature will be for PCs only, a bummer for the console users. That said this upcoming feature is set to roll out this month. So the wait is not that long unless Ubisoft somehow decides to roll it on the last of April.

That said, we will surely have more information before the release, so as soon as we hear something we will let you guys know.

Considering this feature will give the user a lot of command in the game, especially with the character, will it not make the gameplay a bit too predictable or easy?

It would be similar to those native trainers we’ve been having in the previous sequels of the game, that made the players pretty much invincible. The only difference is that this one will be an official feature of the game.

Still, it is pretty early to say anything, about this New Assassin’s Creed Origins Feature, it does seem to be interesting, let us see what the developers have in store for us.

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