Far Cry 5 Paradise Lost, Salvation, Sins of the Father, Walk the Path Walkthrough Guide

We have curated this Far Cry 5 Paradise Lost, Salvation, Sins of the Father, Walk the Path Walkthrough Guide in which we will be going over detailed walkthrough of four main quests in Far Cry 5. These include Paradise Lost, Salvation, Sins of the Father, and Walk the Path. Here you will find some tips and tricks that will help you complete these missions easily and without much effort.

The main campaign of Far Cry 5 is very captivating and it is keeping us glued to the screen. The missions are fun and diverse and offer a great chance to experience the dangerous yet beautiful world of Hope County. These missions are simple yet you will require some sort of a strategy to clear them easily.

Although most of the time, how you complete the mission is dependent on your own personal preferences, there is still the most suitable method of completing a mission.

Far Cry 5 Paradise Lost, Salvation, Sins of the Father, Walk the Path

Below you will find a detailed walkthrough of the three chapters. Like we said earlier, you are free to complete these missions with an approach that suits your playstyle but that may not work every time with all missions and you might end up making the mission a lot harder for you.

With our Far Cry 5 Paradise Lost, Salvation, Sins of the Father, Walk the Path Walkthrough, you will be able to breeze through these missions.

Paradise Lost

This chapter is a boss fight with Faith. Once you have freed the jail from the cultists in The Lesson main quest, when you leave the jail you will once again pass out only to wake up in Faith’s world again. Once you are in control, walk to the path shown in shining light ahead. Shortly a cutscene will play and you will see sheriff and Faith walking together and singing a song.

Faith will see you and warn you about not stopping sheriff or face the consequences. Naturally, we will interfere resulting in Faith going into a frenzy and thus starting the boss battle. Your main goal here is to kill Faith.

During the battle, Faith will attack you with sets of three projectiles along with occasional angels running at you. Keep strafing to avoid her attacks but keep in mind that she will teleport around the map so her attack directions will differ.

Eventually, ammunition and weapons appear in the middle of the map accompanied with health packs sometimes. These will be safe zones. If Faith duplicated herself, defeat all the attacking angels to make her become one again. Maintain a safe distance from Faith, keep strafing to avoid here attacks and you should be fine during the boss battle.

Eventually, you will defeat Faith and a cutscene will start. Once the cutscene is over, you will have successfully defeated Faith and started the next mission.

Walk the Path

This mission follows directly from Paradise Lost. In this mission, you are tasked with stopping the Bliss production. Right after you have defeated Faith, follow the main path until you find the sheriff inside a cage. He will ask you to stop the bliss production.

Once the conversation is over, follow the path and the stairs up ahead until you get to the real world. You will find yourself in a room where five different valves are marked on your map that you need to shut down in order to stop the bliss production. There are also a large number of cultists in the area that do not want you to turn them off.

To get a good look at the area, you need a good vantage point. Head to the enemy near the ladder and take it out. He will be looking in the opposite direction so it will be much easier to take him out. Use the stairs to get up and take out the next enemy. There is another enemy right at the front so be careful and try to wait until he turns away to attack the first guard. Once he does, take out both guards quickly.

Use this location to scout the area up ahead. Once you know the locations of all the enemies, head back down and start taking them down.

We recommend that you take down all enemies before starting with the valves because once you turn a valve off, more enemies will show up. Once all enemies have been dealt with and the valves off, head outside the door opposite to the entrance and sheriff will contact you soon about your next objective.

Your next task is to destroy the central pumps. In the next room, you will engage more enemies and the pumps are also located here. Beware of the streams of gas that can ignite. Avoid them if you do not want to burn to death. Kill all enemies and destroy the central pumps. Advance to the next room. In the next room, you will encounter two heavies along with normal enemies as well as the streams of hot, fiery gas.

Kill the enemies and continue down the path. Your next goal is to escape from this bunker. Keep following the path and climb the stairs once you reach them. Go up to find two enemies there. Make short work of them and continue left to find another ladder. Kill the enemies that spawn there and climb the stairs.

Make a run towards the exit and things will start exploding around you. When you are out, watch the ending cutscene to complete the quest.


In Salvation, you must rescue some hostages after clearing out the area. You also need to ambush and eliminate the priestess. Start the quest by speaking with the sheriff in Hope County Jail. Since this is a rescue mission, you must go in quite so make sure that you have silenced weapons and many arrows with a bow.

Once you arrive at the marker, mark all the enemies for a general idea about the location. For this mission, the enemies can see the dead allies but they cannot see you.

If they see you, all hostages will be killed instantly failing the mission. Use your bow to clear enemies around the location and once the perimeter is safe, head inside and used your silenced weapons to kill the remaining enemies in the location.

One of the best ways to enter this location is via the large wreck that says misery on one side. Once all enemies are dead, you need to ambush the priestess. This part is very simple. Plant some remote explosives around the path where she will come from and explode them once she drives over them.

You can also use C4 or a rocket launcher to make things go boom. Once the priestess is down, you can go back and save the hostages. The first hostage is located on the ground floor; the second is located on the second floor while the third hostage is located on the rooftop. The last hostage is inside a cage, which is hanging on a crane.

Use the red lever on the crane to open the cage. Once all hostages are safe, the mission will successfully complete.

Sins of the Father

This mission can be started by two ways. You can speak either with Virgil once the main quest War on Drugs is complete or by simply liberating the Jessop Conservatory Camp. If you start by speaking with Virgil, you will have to liberate the camp as well first before starting this mission. You are tasked with burning all bliss fields in the region.

You will find a flamethrower here, which you can use to burn the fields. Also, do not forget to turn off the sprinklers before burning the fields. Burn down the fields and you will be tasked with killing Feeney who has escaped the area. Find Feeney in his house located on the north side of the region.

Reach the marker and you will get to know that Feeney is hiding in the underground bunker. To access the bunker, find the entrance on the left side of the house. Climb down and kill Feeney to complete the quest.

This concludes our Far Cry 5 Paradise Lost, Salvation, Sins of the Father, Walk the Path Walkthrough Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!