Chrono Trigger PC Port Will Be Getting A Graphical Upgrade This Month

A few weeks ago, Square Enix surprised the gaming world by releasing a Chrono Trigger PC port with pretty much no fanfare or warning, putting the game on Steam for people to play and enjoy the nostalgia. However, that quickly ran out when the game was found to not be very good.

In fact it was so not good, many people realized it was just a straight port of the game’s mobile version, rather than anything specifically ported over to a PC. The game had bad UI and smoothed pixels in the form of graphics, which made it difficult to play for many PC players. However, thankfully, Square Enix has listened to the complaints of gypped Chrono Trigger fans.

The company has announced that the Chrono Trigger PC port will be receiving a number of patches in the future, and the first one, dealing with the game’s graphics, will be coming out sometime in the first half of this month. Players will be given the opportunity to switch from the mobile port’s graphics to the original game’s, which should help the nostalgia factor.

As Chrono Trigger is one of the most well-regarded video games of all time, it’s no surprise that it would get such a big backlash for a shoddy port, especially if it’s one that was just put on mobile stores and then to Steam for a quick cash-in.

With so many other vintage games already on Steam, such as multiple older Final Fantasy games and a number of other Sega classics put in compilations, you would think that Square Enix would put more effort into this stuff.

There’s no concrete date for when the graphics update on the Chrono Trigger PC port will come out, but since it comes in the first half of this month it’ll hopefully be soon.