Call of Duty WW2 Black Screen, Reload, Memory Error Is There For Months Now, Sledgehammer Working On It

The most popular title has been getting some heat with this Memory Error. It has been months now since the Memory Error for Call of Duty WW2 has been agitating the players. This error exists on every platform, across various modes, and the worse part is no one has the idea what’s causing it.

So if you have been experiencing this error, do not be worried, there is probably nothing wrong with your system. There seems to be a problem with the game, although that is a mere speculation, it sure seems like it.

Very randomly, the screen goes black, then the game reloads, and then the players see the Memory Error which is followed by a short numeric code.

Based on what Kotaku had to say, it seems like this Memory Error has been showing up quite frequently in operation Neptune. Although, at the moment no part of the game appears to be safe.

The errors have been encountered in War, zombies, and there are some that report its occurrence even in HQ. This Call of Duty WW2 error has been with us at least since January and has been listed on the Activision’s support page as a known issue.

That said, the developers have taken notice of this issue and have said that they are working on figuring it out. As soon as they are able to rectify the issue they will roll out the details.

Let’s hope that they do. It’s not like we have not had issues and errors with the game in the past, but none have stuck this long, the developers have always been able to figure them out and provided with a solution.

With this the fingers are pretty much crossed, for it has been on the notice board for months.

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