Skyrim VR Game Not Starting, Missing Executable, Blur Fix, No UI, Reversed Controls And Fixes

Skyrim VR has finally made it to the PC, however, the PC version of the game is experiencing issues and errors like crashes, missing executable, black screen, no ambient sound and more.

Here we will discuss step-by-step each of the errors and issues that are bothering the PC gamers and will also provide you with a possible fix or workaround for these issues and errors so that you can play the game without any problem.

Skyrim VR Errors, Crashes And Fixes

Skyrim VR has launched for PC ad PC gamers are enjoying the game, however, there are some PC players that are experiencing errors and issues. The following are the errors and issues that PC players are experiencing along with possible fixes and workarounds.

Headset Plugged into wrong video card Fix
Some Skyrim VR players have reported that they are unable to play the game as when they start the game an error pops up saying that “Headset Plugged into wrong video card”.

This error might be popping up because of the game using your integrated GPU instead of the discrete GPU. Make sure the game always runs on the discrete GPU and you can disable the integrated GPU through BIOS which should resolve the issue and you will be able to play the game.

Crash Fix, Game Not Starting Fix
Crashes and game not launching is a quite common error in PC games and Skyrim VR is no exception and players have reported that the game crashes as soon as it reaches the menu or doesn’t start at all.

This error might be popping up because of the anti-virus as it might be detecting the game’s exe file as a virus or threat. Just make an exception for the game’s exe file in your anti-virus and the issue should resolve the crashes and game not launching error.

Missing Exe, Missing Executable Fix
Some Skyrim VR players have reported that their game’s executable is missing. The reason why it is missing might be because your anti-virus detecting as virus and deleting it. No amount of verifying files will fix this issue.

All you have to do is make an exception for the game’s executable in the anti-virus and then verify your game files. Once the exe returns you will be able to play the game.

How To Reduce Blur, Blur Fix
Some PC players have reported that Skyrim VR is quite blurry. The blurriness in the game is because of the TAA(Temporal Anti-aliasing) which is quite effective anti-aliasing solution but also makes the image quality blurrier.

While there is the option to toggle the setting off but it might introduce a lot of jaggies. To reduce the blur, open up the console command in the game by pressing “~” and types “TAA hf 0.5”. You can test the TAA setting between 0.1 to 1 to check which value suits you the best. This should reduce or eliminate the blur from the game.

Invisible UI, No UI Fix
For some PC players, the UI is creating problems like not appearing at all. The reason why this issue might be occurring is that you have disabled the FOV from the menu which has caused the UI to disappear.

For the FOV, don’t turn it off instead, drop down the slider to save yourself from the invisible UI. Another reason why this issue would occur in Skyrim VR is that you have disabled the TAA and Comfort.

If you are already facing the issue then go to “Documents\Skyrim VR” and delete “SkyrimPrefs.ini”. This should restore the in-game UI.

Reversed Controls Fix
Many PC players have been experiencing the issue in which the in-game controls are reversed whenever they look down in the game which makes it difficult for them to loot. To fix this issue all you need to do is change you dominate hand in the settings and the issue should resolve.

No Ambient Sound, No Sound In Oculus Headphones Fix
One of the issues that players have been experiencing while playing the Skyrim VR is the lack of Ambient Sounds. The reason why you aren’t getting the ambient sounds might be because of the OS setting the wrong audio channel.

To fix this issue, open up “Playback Devices” and press configure. If you are using stereo headphones or speakers then choose stereo and press next and this should resolve the lack of ambient sounds in the game just make sure the audio channel for your headphones or speakers.

Another audio related issue with Skyrim VR is the lack of audio in Oculus Headphones. The reason this issue might be bothering you could be because your default audio device is not correct. Open “Playback devices” and select the Oculus headphones and make them your default audio device and the issue should resolve.

Black Screen Fix
Black screen issue most commonly occurs when the game’s default resolution is higher compared to the native resolution and the same issue is causing problems for Skyrim VR players.

There are a couple of ways in which you can resolve the issue. First, you can try is to go to “Documents/Skyrim VR” or for some, it will be “Documents/My Games/Skyrim VR” and there will be a “skyrimprefs.ini”.

Open it and look for “height” and “width” and change them to your native resolution and save it. Run the game and the issue should resolve. If you don’t know about the resolution then you can just delete the “skyrimprefs.ini” and then start the game and the issue should not bother you again.

That is all for our Skyrim VR crash fixes, audio fixes, Invisible UI fix and more. Have a better solution to a problem? Let us know in the comments.