Overwatch League Making Tweaks, Shifts To Tournament Format For Stage Finals

The organizers of the Overwatch League have been making a lot of tweaks to the schedules and formats. Recently they have made some very interesting changes on how the stage final shall lay out. Finals will now be decided on the basis of Tournament Format.

The basic principle on which the tournament works is knockout, that you all must be familiar with, already. Although different tournament formats have various brackets, the one which the Overwatch League will be using is, in which four teams make it to the final round.

The schedule for the finals will remain the same, so they shall still play out on Sunday. The top four teams will go on to the Stage finals. This time the number one team will choose their opponent for the opening round.

The match, as mentioned before, will open Sundays Stage Finals and once all the four teams and number one seed are confirmed and locked in, only then the choice will be announced.

Overall everything else and other formats of the tournament will remain the same, only one additional match will take place on Sunday. Tiebreakers formats are still the same as well as the winning prize is also the same, that is $100,000.

The runner-up shall also take the remaining prize of $25,000 as before. That being said the Overwatch League opening rounds have been pretty successful. Although there have been some minor controversies, still the organizers have been able to keep everything afloat.

Stage three of the season is scheduled to begin coming Wednesday, and the opening matches are set between Shanghai Dragons and Dallas Fuel.

Not sure if you guys have heard the news about Shanghai Dragons bringing in a female player. Yes, very recently a South Korean female player who goes by the name,“Geguri” has joined the Shanghai team.

Geguri is a remarkable player and her performance has been good in the past. Given that, she certainly is a good addition to the Overwatch League as well.

What are your thoughts on the Tournament Format? Do you think it would keep things interesting? Let us know in the comments below.