New Dying Light Mode Brings A Prison Heist And Egg Hunts

It has been about four years since Dying Light rolled out and killing those zombies has never been more satisfying. Techland has played a huge part in keeping the game alive by pushing as much content as they can for the game. That said, a New Dying Light Mode has surfaced recently and it has brought in a Prison Heist as well as the Egg hunts.

The mode rolled out with the aim to provide the players something for the Easter break. Be that as it may, this New Dying Light Mode is one of the biggest additions. It is a Solo as well as a Co-op raid on a prison which looks pretty much like the Alcatraz prison in Harran.

The goal is to reach the prison armory as quickly as possible, whereupon reaching you will find greater rewards based on how quick were you to reach it.

You can access the mode from the main game, there you will find a quest that lets you use a ferry on your way to the island.

Prepare yourself for a warning as well, Prison Heist is meant to be a very challenging event and is basically for the advanced players, so if you take on the heist then make sure that you take the best of your gear.

Till today, there is also a community-wide egg hunt going on in the game. So players can search those easter eggs as well throughout the game.

Be that as it may, Dying Light is also getting a Battle Royale mode. Since, Battle Royale is one of the most popular online multiplayer genre of the present generation that, the developers cannot simply ignore.

They have also rolled out a gameplay video of the Dying Light Battle Royale mode, which is actually amazing.

So do try the New Dying Light Mode for the Prison Heist, or if you already have then do let us know what you think of it.