League of Legends Star’s Brother Arrested After Killing Mother, Injuring Father

A League of Legends star’s brother has been taken into police custody following a murder and attempted murder of both of their parents. The incident resulted in the death of the pair’s mother and the serious injury of their father, though what exactly caused the incident and what the motive was is unknown.

The perpetrator was Yihong Peng, the older brother of League of Legends player Yiliang Peng, known as “Doublelift.” Peng attacked both of his parents with a knife, killing his mother and seriously injuring his father, before attempting to flee the scene. He was caught by the police after a short foot chase.

Peng’s father is expected to survive, according to a statement by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. Yihong Peng is currently in jail on a million-dollar bail.

Yiliang Peng made a statement after hearing the news, saying that he would be taking a break from social media after hearing the news as he met with his father and younger brother and made the necessary arrangements for his mother’s funeral and other affairs.

We don’t know much about Peng’s brother, such as what might have motivated him to commit the murder, but just because it’s a League of Legends star’s brother doesn’t necessarily mean that the crime was connected to the game. While the League of Legends community does have a reputation for toxicity, it’s unlikely that anything from it would result in murder.

Steve Arhancet of Team Liquid, Doublelift’s esports team, has said that he intends to provide all of the assistance and support needed to support him through this tragedy.

Regardless of what the cause was behind the League of Legends star’s brother attempting to kill both of his parents, we can only express our condolences to Doublelift and hope that his father makes a speedy recovery.