John Boyega Won’t Play “Blade” Unless Wesley Snipes Gives Him the Green Light?

The current MCU phase is coming to end soon with the release of Infinity War and Avengers 4. There are many rumors and speculations regarding the future of the MCU including the arrival of Silver Surfer in Infinity War and Hugh Jackman reprising his role as the Wolverine.

But to spice up the rumor scene, another piece of unconfirmed information arrived, claiming that John Boyega, the Star Wars star is going to play Blade in Infinity War and Avengers 4. Marvel has confirmed the return of Blade previously but no information was shared regarding the “when” and “how” of his return nor did we knew who is playing it.

While this was exciting news, John Boyega has confirmed that he is not playing Blade. At least not until Wesley Snipes himself gives him the go-ahead. During a panel at AwesomeCon in Washington D.C, Boyega stated that playing Blade is going to be “spit” in the face of Snipes. His statement clearly shows that he is not playing Blade in Infinity War, however, it also means that he may play the role if Snipes is OK with it.

But Snipes himself has shown interest in the past for playing Blade in the MCU. Blade is coming but when? And who will be playing the role? Well, at time point we can only speculate but it is safe to say that the talented John Boyega can do justice to the role.

Still, there is nothing like seeing Snipes coming back as Blade. Avengers Infinity War will reveal plenty so hit the theaters on April 27 for the film’s international release.